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Increasing demand from our existing customers for cast and inert gas atomized materials in a growing market, and advances in our capabilities to produce high quality products at low cost, have encouraged us to expand capacity in our toll service for processing materials.

We manufacture a wide range of metal powders for MIM, 3D printing and other cutting edge processes using Arcast Inc’s advanced furnaces. We’ve developed a unique process which produces extremely high quality titanium powder at the lowest market price directly from titanium sponge, circumventing traditional multi-step refining processes. We also cast solid bars from swarf or from sponge.

Whether you require processing of hundreds of grams of a new alloy or thousands of kilograms of your proven material, Arcast Materials is your first choice for value, quality, capability and versatility.

We are certified for ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D for the manufacture and sales of metal powder and castings for commercial, aerospace and defence industries applications.

Arcst atomizer in action making Arete Powder
Arcast atomizer
Micrograph of Arete Powder
Arcast Materials cast titanium bar
Arcast Materials address

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